Noblex Oblige

The space-time unraveling.
The stretching of the place to the edges of the photograph. 
A place that envelops and suffocates. That doesn’t exist.
There is a duty that is imposed by aesthetic and photographic research: to find new expressive keys.
The adoption of new tools to open spaces, fields of vision, new ways of seeing a place, a body and a story unfolding.
Using film is not a habit, but a need for liberation from a digital screen, the need to pre-visualize a scene and place oneself at the right distance.
The Noblex, a panoramic camera with a rotating lens, increases the complexity of the composition.
Photographs expand. They become Chronotopos. The evolution of non-places, where space and time mixes, merges. The visions lengthen.
Mudec, Milano
Dhaka Airport
Banishanta, Bangladesh
Napoli metro
Rupsha, Bangladesh
Hangar Bicocca, Milano
Unchiprang, Bangladesh
Kiriakoo, Dar Es Salaam
Metro Napoli
Itigi Region, Tanzania
Via dei Tribunali, Napoli
La Motte Piquet Grenelle, Paris
Cox's Bazar, campo profughi Unchiprang
Milano, via Dante
Metro Paris
Lisbona, Igreja Do Carmo