Urban Shifting

The movement of people has been a hot topic in recent years. Emigration, immigration, travel.
The non-place of the subways is a space of analysis for anthropologists and ethnographers: a succession of trains, windows, lights, people who comes, goes, waits. 
And above all: advertising. It can reveal how a community portrays itself, its narration and projections.
In 2006, in the Berlin subway, an inverted slide shot gave birth to a menacing face staring at me from the window of the fast-moving car.
Eyes and faces that emerge from the wall, observe, silently look and perhaps judge; while bodies are transported sideways – shifted, as is done for corpses – reviewed, analyzed, or exposed to the enigmatic gaze of advertisements.
The movement takes place in the darkness of the bowels of the metropolis, an underground transport of motionless bodies, a network of escape routes and an unfolding of desires in motion, a birth canal, and the urge to go out into the sunlight, into the Mother-City who is waiting for us on the outside.
Timing: 2006 – 2019
Locations: Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Milan, London, Copenhagen, Bucharest, New Delhi, Amsterdam.
  • Where Berlino, Parigi, Madrid, Milano, Londra, Copenhagen, Bucarest, New Delhi, Amsterdam.
  • When Starting from 2004